10-Minute Mail
Throwaway email addresses that expire in 10 minutes. Allows you to sign up for things without using your real email address. 

A popular password manager app, it stores them in your Web browser, requiring only that you to use the one master password to access them. 1Password also makes good use of the cloud to keep it in sync with all your devices. Starts at $24.99 though there is a one month free trial option.

100 Types
A gathering of information on specific typefaces.

Royalty free stock photos.

360 panoramas.

Photography community. Share photos and ideas on this free app (IOS, Android, Windows).

ABBYY FineReader 
Turn scans of paper documents, PDF files, and digital photographs into searchable and editable formats. $169.99.

Ableton Live
Audio editing program especially for music.

About Me
Quickly create an attractive profile page. A digital card/personal description site that is highly searchable and smartly designed. Sort of a social media business card. Video introduction here.

Academic Earth
More than 1,500 video lectures by professors from Harvard, Yale, broken down into single classes on topics like art, architecture, and astronomy. Free.

Academic OneFile

This database, often available through public libraries, has access to thousands of journals. Not all articles are available in full text. Subscription required.

Academic Search Premier*
This database provides access to the latest research published in thousands of scholarly journals. Subscription required.

Account Killer
Shows how to completely close any social media account, not just disable them.

Audio editing program. Basic version is free and includes MP4 and AAC import and export filters.

Adobe Audition
Audio editing program.  Formerly Cool Edit Pro.  $349 but it can be purchased as part of Creative Suite.

Adobe Connect
Video conferencing.

Adobe Export 
Convert PDF files to Word or Excel documents.  $1.99 a month.

Adobe Indesign 
Adobe product that is the industry standard for page layouts and design (posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and books). For professionals and high end projects but for personal or smaller projects, there are other programs with a lower learning curve.

Adobe Pagemaker
While not on the level of Adobe InDesign, it is an effective page layout program for the non-professional. Includes predesigned templates that can be modified.

Adobe Kuler
Find complementary color palettes using a color wheel.

After Deadline
A New York Times blog about writing.

After the Deadline*
Checks your story for grammar, spelling and style. Works as a plugin for WordPress blogs, an add-on for the Firefox browser, etc.

Twitter and Facebook AND Instagram management tool. Receive instant email notification every time one of your automated moderation rules applies to a post or comment. Discover your most engaged fans based on interaction with your page. Coordinates contests and promotions. Accounts start at $29 a month.

Aggregation of your social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr) as well as email into one scrollable dashboard.  Free.

Creates charts and maps.

Animated GIFs in Photoshop
A tutorial for creating Animated GIFs in Photoshop.

Templates for creative videos made up of your photos. Free but limited. Small fee for more flexibility.

A social media platform for B2B marketing--merge social data with sales and numbers to identify best prospects. A single dashboard to monitor both Facebook and Twitter as well as reports on ROI.

Associated Press Stylebook*
The most used reference guide to writing news stories, the AP stylebook is available both in print and online for a small fee.  It can improve general writing as well, especially for its alphabetically organized guide to the use of common and proper nouns.

Atlas Mapping
Maps for your website.

Audio editing software. Free and open source.

Think of it as YouTube for audio.

Augmented reality sharing site.

Avid Pro Tools

An industry-standard, studio-grade audio editing tool. $699 for the base version.

Design software interactive HTML website wireframe.

Design software for rapid wireframing tool.

Map creator. Can be embedded into a site.

Better PR Writer
An automated Web tool that scores the writing of your PR press release.  Designed to measure the readability of your press release. There is a less than enthusiastic review here.

Digital storage.

URL shortening and bookmarking service that also offers real time-analytics as well as click tracking. Works with Twitter and Facebook. Free.

Bittorrent Sync
The most widely used storage format for sharing pirated content, Bittorrent is making an effort to be known for more legit offerings through it's Sync app that synchronizes files across devices apart from the cloud.

App for creating shareable audio packages of up to two minutes in length. Ad text, images and geo-tags. Use the app to search for audio uploads from a specific location. Not embeddable (as is audio uploaded on Soundcloud or Audioboo).  Watch a video explanation here.

Bottle Nose
Track news and trends across social networks.

Free blog platform with gentle learning curve for beginners Run by Google, so it integrates with Google products well. Lacks many plugins to improve functionality. Limited design options.

Using phones, you can interview someone and it both streams and records downloadable MP3 of the interview.

Residents can use to report on breaking news events in their own neighborhoods.

Schedule Gmail or Outlook email for a later send date.  Add-on for Firefox and Chrome. Free.

Digital storage focused on business solutions.

Convert existing PowerPoints into an online video. Fee for some options.

Manage and take overship of your search results. Helps to make sure search engines find the real you and put your relevant results at the top.

the Brookings Institution
A non-profit think tank, Brookings has a large network of scholars that produce reports and papers on a wide variety of important news topics.

Cross-browser testing tool. Check out how your design looks on different browsers before going live. Free.

Cross-browser testing tool. Check out how your design looks on different browsers before going live.

Popular social media scheduling service for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ with analytics.  Free, but $10 a month for unlimited scheduling so you can plan your content ahead of time.

Collects visual content and organize it into slides. Like Evernote for formatting presentations. Built for speedy, easy assembly though not as flexible as Prezi. The HTML5 presentation works on computers, phones and tablets.  Allows for multiple users to work on the same presentation (like Google Docs). Free unless you want to space to store more than two presentations, though you can download them in PDF or PPT.

Butterick's Practical Typography
Everything font-related including kerning, spacing, formatting, and more.

Dashboard showing hot social media topics from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.  A few free searches each day or unlimited if you sign up for an account with an email address. A paid BuzzSumo Pro service is in the works. Alternative to Uprise.io.

Camel Camel Camel
Shows the price history of anything on Amazon and alerts you when the price drops.

Create slides, flyers, photo collages, posters, and infographics using drag-and-drop.  Clip-art library available or upload your own images. Free.

Create flexible timelines.

Analytic insights for PR. Paid.

Creates databases, charts.

Real-time analytics, including how long your audience is actively engaged and how far they’ve scrolled down the page. (Paid service. Free 30-day trial.)

Chart Maker
Quickly make charts, graphs, etc.

Build by Medium. Just plug in a CSV file or a link to a Google Spreadsheet and the tool does all the graphing work for you. There's an explanation here.

Simple responsive charts. Will change the way the data is displayed based on the size screen it's being viewed on.

Chat Step
Private chatrooms.

App for iPhone users, which creates GIFs that feel more like mini-movies. Free

Large public relations software firm that merged with Vocus. Focused on executing and measuring influencer-oriented media campaigns. Large media and blogger database, distributes press releases, manages influencer outreach, and measure social media activities.

Citation Machine
Auto-formatting for citations of research papers.

App that finds and flags your potentially inappropriate past social media posts and tweets.

Clear Slide
Alternative to Power Point.

Clippings Me
Showcase your work as a journalist, blogger or writer.  Add online and print clippings, link to your social media sites, and customize your portfolio. Free.  Demo.

Cloud Flare
Designed to increase website's performance (through routing and switching--helping computers connect over the Internet) and security (using cloud cyber-security and encrypted HTTPS connections.).  Some services free, while paid plans range from $20 per month to thousands of dollars for clients with intricate websites.

Memory test for your site.

Code Ecademy
Learn to code for free.

"Inspiration for graphic designers, art directors, design firms, corporate design departments, advertising agencies, interactive designers, illustrators and photographers—everyone involved in visual communication."

See a visual comparison of two states, cities, countries or continents. Move them around.  It will also tell how many times bigger a geographic area is to another.

Content Gems
Monitors blogs, social media, etc and filters the content based on keywords, etc. and sends you links. A free account is available but limited. Paid accounts (starting at $9) are based on the number of keywords you want to research.

Tools for creating and showcasing storytelling content of writers. Connects publishers (both news organizations and PR folks at businesses with journalists, then takes a 15% transition fee. Designed to help freelancers find work. Takes care of the paperwork aspect (invoicing and payments) for businesses hiring freelancers. Free.

A tech alternative to business cards.

Check for online plagiarism.

Corpus of Contemporary American English 
This BYU site includes transcripts of spoken language from radio and television programs and comprises academic writing from a range of disciplines allowing comparison of styles--spoken language vs.written academic language.

Cover it Live*
Live blogging. Free.

Turns your browser into a television telepromoter.

Crazy Egg
one of the leading visualization software that gives website administrators reports on how visitors to their site use their pages. - See more at: http://www.datanyze.com/market-share/analytics/crazyegg-vs-inspectlet/#sthash.6wJrLonQ.dpuf
A leading visualization software that gives website administrators heatmap reports showing how visitors are using their pages.

Kid friendly. Very simple. 

Creative Commons
Royalty free stock photos.

Crimson Hexagon
In-depth sentiment metrics for planning social strategies. No mobile app. Paid.

Cross Browser Testing
Cross-browser testing tool. Check out how your design looks on different browsers before going live.

(Formerly JustUnfollow) This app shows your Twitter followers, unfollowers, inactive users, nearby followers, people who don't follow back and people and more all at one time--works with Instagram as well.

Crowd Booster*
Pulls together your Facebook and Twitter info (time most people look at your images or video uploads, your total reach, engagement, etc.). Helpful for devising a social media strategy. At a glance analytics recommendations on timing as well as audience insights. Starting at $9 a month.

Crowd Map
Crowdsourced data, mapped.

Analyzes data from social media and such to put people into 64 personality types in order to help users craft email that empathizes with the preferred approach of recepiants. Starts at $19 a month for individuals. $99 for companies.

Daily Infographic
A new data visualization sample each day. Great way to get ideas.

Iphone app with filters, a curves tool for RGB channels, and an infinite history remembers all your edits so undo is easy. Free. $3 upgrade for curves.

Data Driven Vizualization
Examples, steps and video of how to create data visualizations.

US government data sets.

Tool for catching what's news on Twitter before it trends.

Password manager to protect your data. Can sync through Dropbox. $10 for any operating system.

Data Remixed
Blog about data visualizations by Ben Jones, an engineer in LA.

Data Viz
Drupal-based embeddable modules.

Data Visual
Charts and graphs.  Templates or start from scratch.  A short video introduction here.

Data Wrangler
A tool created by Stanford University's Visualization Group for cleaning and rearranging data for other tools to use (such as a spreadsheet).  Does not actually visualizes your data, but preps it for use. This includes extracting, filling, dropping, merging and wrapping data points among other things. There's a learning curve, but it's free.

Date to Date Calculator
Find out exactly how many much time has passed between two dates (or will pass).

Day One
Great journaling app for IOS and Mac.  Clean look, syncing, photo imports, passcode, reminders, public publish option. Very organized and easy to navigate.  $4.99.

Death to Stock Photo
10 free, hi-resolution photos each month (for your email address). Access to entire library of hi-resolution photos is $10 a month.

QR code generator.

Design Thinking
Blog by Tim Brown about Design issues. Brown is author of Change by Design.

A wide range of different Creative Commons. Somewhat difficult to navigate.

App to search for particular feeds on Periscope (a video streaming service).

Embeddable timeline generator w/photos and text. Sample.

Directory of Open Access Journals
A growing database that covers only journals that are free and open to the public.

Directory of Open Access Repositories
This free site is operated by the University of Nottingham in the UK. It aggregates databases from around the world, locating open access research across disciplines.

Post your audio here link to it from your blog or embed it into your blog.

Down for everyone (or just me)?
Find out if Google, Twitter, and other services are down for just you or other people as well.

Dragon Dictation
Voice to text app for iOS. Have to finish dictation before seeing the text. Free.

Create polls; can’t be embedded, but can be linked.

Royalty free stock photos and some for low prices, but you have to register before you can download which requires a lot of your information.

Online file storage for backups. Syncs folders automatically on several devices. 2 GB free. 100 GB for $10 a month.

Records audio and sends it directly to your Dropbox account.

Create infographics. Video sample here.

Auto-formatting of citations for research papers

Content management system for WordPress providing a snapshot of content with a calendar feature. Advanced draft and pending review feature. User groups to keep writing teams organized. Useful for multi-author websites.  

Resources for editing professors, students and working professionals to help strengthen the craft of editing and support the work of editors.

Powerful writing program for iPad and iPhone. High learning curves but valuable once you find workflows that suit your purposes. Beautiful inline preview.  $6.99.

Editorially - no longer available
A stripped-down a text editor. Allows for collaborators. Tracks changes. Not a publishing platform.

Email Spam Test
Check to ensure that your email isn't going to be flagged as spam before you send it.

Collaborative writing tool. Example here.

Access notes on any computer, tablet or phone. Search function lets you find a note in either text or audio format. Free for iOS and Android.

Post to Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, all at one time. Free app.

Every Stock Photo
More than 21 million free stock photos (under the Creative Commons license).

Exif Data
Extract Exif (Exchangeable Image File) data from photos. EXIF is a standard for additional data embedded within an image or audio files, which can include date, time, camera settings, etc.

Password manager to protect your data. The Windows version is $20, others $10

A political fact checking site run by The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

A political fact checking site run by The Washington Post.

Fade In
Script-writing software with similar features to Final Draft without the price tag. Not as many of the extras that come with Final Draft but only $50.  Windows, Mac, Linux.

Fake Name Generator
Free new identity.

An outlining application that runs in your browser but stores your files in Dropbox. Build hierarchies, ideas branching off ideas. Users can hide parts of outlines as you’re working, to keep the document manageable. Elements can be moved to other programs for slide presentations, to create sections of a research paper, or as blog posts. Outlines can be dropped inside other outlines.

Aggregation of social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr) into one scrollable dashboard.  Free.

RSS feed. Subscribe to the posts of a site. Free.

Captures every site you visit automatically, so you can more easily find websites and articles you need now but didn't know at the time you would need them.

Upload PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, or GIFs to the site (no software required) and then email a link to the file. The receiver can open the form and fill out the required information without having to download the file, then print, scan and fax it back to you. The site promises security for uploaded files. Free trial. Costs start at $12 a year.

Filter Storm
Advanced mobile photo editing that allows for sending by email, FTP, Dropbox or SFTP. ($3.99 in app store).

Final Cut Pro
Video editing program.

Final Draft
Industry standard for writing screenplays on both Windows and Mac. Notes section for keeping track of characters, special scene view to get an overview, index card system for summaries, etc. $250.

Find Exif 
Extract Exif (Exchangeable Image File) data from photos. EXIF is a standard for additional data embedded within an image or audio files, which can include date, time, camera settings, etc.

Build audio and video with text effects Flash-based presentations without knowing coding for Flash. Not free.

Easy to navigate, though not the best app for shooting and editing photos. But the free terabyte of storage makes a a good place to dump everything. The Creative Commons licensing section has free stock photos.

RSS feed for phone (no desktop alternative). Subscribe to the posts of a site. Attractive display that looks like a magazine. Lots of content options. Free.

Flip Text
Flip text.  Use it on Facebook or Twitter. Free. 


App for distraction-free writing. A blank canvas to write on--and nothing else. Includes timers, stats, alarms, goals setting, etc. Free.

Show you when your Twitter follower are online so you can plan accordingly. Analysis by region. But reports can take hours to build. Free but more metrics with paid account.

Font Feed
A "daily dispatch of recommended fonts, typography techniques, and inspirational examples of digital type at work in the real world."

Font dragr
Browser based tool that checks for web-friendly fonts. Just drag and drop.

Font Shop
This link takes you to the design section of the website where you can "improve your design skills with typography tips and tutorials. FontShop Education docs are formatted for easy downloading and printing, perfect for the classroom or studio." There's also a healthy glossary section, among other things.

Foto Forensics
Helps you verify authenticity of digital images.


Free Digital Photos
Free stock photos but you must give credit to the image creator.

Free Images
Free stock photos with details on restrictions.

Free Pix
Lots of nice free stock photos of travel, people, etc. Other photos fall under the Creative Commons.

Free Range
Quality free stock photos. Must register.

Free Stock Photos
More than 14,000 free stock photos and clipart. A variety of licenses from commercial to public domain.

Free Twitter Designer
Easy-to-use image editor to help you create a professional-looking theme on your Twitter account.


Full Text Reports
A site that aggregates research-related studies and reports from across the universe of information. The materials are hand-picked.

A browser-based effect generator for flash.

Only 5 minutes of audio can be edited.

More than 3 million free stock photos for travel and geography under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.

Getty Images
Getty Images is allowing users to forgo the company's watermark and use most of its images for free in exchange for a credit at the bottom of the picture with a link to the licensing page.

Visual analytics through maps.

Find photos, tweets, and other user generated content based on location and time. A journalist who is looking for information about a bomb scare at a local university, for example, can draw a circle around any area on a map to see all the content being posted by users within that area in real-time. $1,450 a month for up to five users.

Popular social networking analysis tool. Interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical Graphs. Impressive looking but has a steep learning curve (as opposed to Raw). Watch a video introduction to an older version of Gephi here.

Simple to use, custom domains. The product of a Kickstarter campaign. CMS free. Hosting is $4.99 a month.

Create animated GIFs. Free but a small watermark is placed in the corner.

Gif Boom
GIF-making app for iPhone and Android that allows you to sidestep clunky web-based GIF creators. Free.

Gif Hound
GIFs about news.

Gif Soup
Find animated GIFs.

Find and create animated GIFs.

Go! Animate
Make animated videos. A sample here.

Go To Meeting
Video conferencing.

Audio editing program.

Good Free Photos
Thousands of free stock photos under the Free Public Domain licensing.

Google Advance Search
Under “usage rights” and pick one such as “free to use, share or modify, even commercially” to narrow down your search for usable photographs. Google recommends checking the license to make sure it is legitimate.

Google Alerts
Monitor the Web. Get an email notice when Google finds a phrase or name. Free.

Google Analytics*
Breaks down who’s visiting your site. Detailed statistics about website performance and traffic sources and measures conversions.

Google Code Playground
An advanced educational tool to show code examples of Google Javascript APIs.

Google Currents
RSS feed. Subscribe to the posts of a site. Similar to Flipboard for its magazine-style interface. Free.

Google Docs Presentations  
Create presentations inside Google Docs. Free with collaborative editing but more limited than PowerPoint. 

Google Drive*
Document storage. Open and edit files from within browser windows. 5 GM free. 200 GB for $10 month. 

Google Fusion Tables
Publish data tables online. Samples.

Google Goggles
Instead of words, take a picture to do a search. Sample video here.

Google Reverse Image Search
Drag and drop or upload to search where a photo originated. Video explains it here.

Google Public Data Explorer
Makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand.

Google Maps*

Google Now
Tracks your online behavior and uses this data to predict the information that you will need, such as local traffic or weather updates.

Google Reverse Image Search
Use the search engine to find where images originated from for authentication.

Google Scholar*
Free database, but access to the studies could be restricted. If you can’t get a particular study itself through a university/library affiliation, be sure to click “All Versions” at the bottom of the search result.

Google Trends
Real time search info. Break it down by day or region. Pulls data from YouTube and Google News as well. Insights on what people want to know right now.

Google Voice
Your own phone number (free).

Google's Me on the Web
Notifications when your personal data (email address, phone number, etc) gets published online.

Create, share and view 360-degree photos and videos with any camera. Free in app store.

the Grading Game*
App for practicing your editing skills and win points. Avail at the App Store.

Grammar Girl
Writing Tips from a grammarian.

Automated proofreader and personal grammar coach. 

Free hi-resolution stock photos.

Spreadsheet table app that's much simpler than Excel. Designed to tackle lists, event planning,  basic budgeting. Add photos, videos, maps, music. You can add so-called “people tiles” to your spreadsheets by giving Grid access to your phone contacts. Gesture controls and collaboration options. Video sample here.

Edit, organize and share documents. Sample.

Harvard's DASH repository
A central, open-access repository of research by members of the Harvard community.

Harvard's Open Access Project
Aimed at expanding open access to research.

A real-time tracker of Twitter hashtags (like a tag for tweets, describing the content or nature of the tweet).  

Hemingway App*
The Hemingway app is designed to make you a better writer by highlighting problems in your writing. Goal is to make more direct and active--more Hemingway-ey, as the Washington Post proclaims. Just paste your text into the app and it will highlight hard to read sentences, adverbs, complex phrases, and passive voice.  Color coordinated highlighting. Click on these words to see the suggested alternatives.  Word count, readability grade, etc.  $6.99.

Share a status update on your Facebook business page and your fans can enter the word "buy" in order to purchase the product. Free trial.

High Charts
interactive JavaScript charts

A library and database project from Stanford University that provides full access to a huge collection of research. It is mostly science-related, but there is significant social science scholarship, as well.

Fact-checking for internet rumors.

iOS udio editing app for interviews, podcasts, or voiceovers. Can import clips from other applications and export directly to Dropbox and iTunes.

Probably the most popular social media dashboard. Manage multiple accounts across multiple social networks: execute campaigns, schedule messages, track mentions and traffic.  Monitor your data in scrollable columns from up to five social networks for free.  Pro versions (starting at $8.99 per month).

Hoppala Augmentation
Platform for augmented reality applications. Sample video.

How Cast
Free learning site divided into categories like environment, first aid, and parenting. Experts share their knowledge in videos that cover everything from surviving heart attacks to playing charades.

How Design
This site seeks to meet the "business, creativity and technology needs of graphic designers."

An external battery for any USB-driven device — your iPad, your iPhone, your laptop.

I am CC
A service that automatically releases your Instagram photos under Creative Commons license.

Metrics for Instagram including top photos, which filters you use the most, most engaged followers, etc. Many different types of data nicely displayed with visualizations. Free.

Data Visualization aimed at businesses--especially those looking to brand themselves. There's a free option (which allows for data interactivity, public sharing, and unlimited standard data sets) and a business plan that starts at $25 (offering features like private charts, custom templates, upload images and logos, download high-res images, large data sets, chartbooks, etc.

Japanese design magazine.

Stands for "If This Then That." Power tool for setting up automatic responses to Tweets, FB posts etc. Creates what programmers call conditional expressions. Such as sending a Tweet each time you make a blog post. Integrates well with HootSuit and Buffer. Samples.

Predictive analytics for content to improve SEO. Gives scores as to whether a topic you are about to write about will drive traffic and rank well on Google. Offers related keywords that should be included in the article, the words that should be included in the title, etc.  Free demo, then $200-$500 each month.

See: Adobe InDesign

Create interactive illustrations. More than two dozne chart types. Includes a built-in spreadsheet tool for data editing. Samples.

Records video sessions of website users’ behavior. Heatmaps show what users find interesting on your site.

Photo and video sharing app.

iPhone Mic Cable
Allows connecting a standard microphone with XLR connector to an iPhone or other compatible device for quality recording. $48.99.

iPhone Shutter Grip
This iPhone accessory helps you hold it more steady and have a button to push.  $40.

iRig Recorder
Make quality recordings on apple products. 

Royalty free stock photos.

Time lapse and stop motion videos from iPhone or iPad. Options include selecting how often to snap photos and how long the video should be. $1.99 in the app store.

iTunes U
More than 350,000 free video lectures.

Pronounced "is it true" this software created by a Dartmouth prof Hany Farid will run a series of tests and give images a trust rating.  More helpful when you are trying to determine whether you have an original, unedited image. If the photo includes typical image editing, such as cropping, it may be flagged as if it were the same as having been heavily edited.


Jay Mantri
Free stock photos under public domain. Seven new photos each Friday.

A free, easy-to-use screen capture application. Snap a screenshot or record a video, save and share.

This non-profit database covers more than a thousand academic journals, and a university or library affiliation provides access to the full text of articles. Good for background research, but lags the academic publishing world by several years.

Photo-oriented with great layouts and fonts. Custom domains. Writing tool weak.

QR code generator.  5 dynamic codes for free, then $13.75 and up a month for analytics, etc.

Free and open-source program offers a fairly wide range of features including multiple user keys, password groups, and database transfer. Setting an expiration date will be a reminder that it’s time to generate a new password. The downside: not as suitable for bank accounts and credit cards as competitors. No timed lockout if you are in a public place. Free.

Keep Vid
Post your audio here and then link to it from your blog or embed it into your blog.

For Mac users, compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Design software. 

Khan Academy
Tools for kids and adults in single, short lessons on a neon blackboard. More than 20,000 free videos.

Allows you to check for the use of your name, brand, product, or username in more than 500 social media websites to see if it already taken and to secure it if it is not.

Free service to create slideshows and edit photos.

Measure your social media impact. Free.

Search engine for Facebook and Twitter.

Like 1Password, it generates and saves passwords. Free version is limited. Paid is $12 a year.

Augmented reality tool. 

Lexicon Valley
Slate's grammar podcasts.

Liberted Syndication
For creating podcasts. Small monthly fee.

Library of Congress Photos
Stock photos.

Limpert's About Editing and Writing Blog
A blog about how editors and writers do their work by Jack Limert was editor of the The Washingtonian for more than 40 years.

Cross-browser testing tool. Check out how your design looks on different browsers before going live.

Little Visuals
Hi-resolution images of buildings, travel, landscapes, under the Public Domain Dedication. Seven images in your inbox every 7 days.

Liveblog Pro is a liveblogging platform built by journalists, for journalists. Free to use for individuals, with a paid-for service offering multiple users.

Photo and file sharing. Sample.

Local Angle
A free platform that journalists can use to find local angles on national stories. Local Angle identifies any names mentioned in recent national news stories, and then uses this data to categorize stories by city.

Logic Pro
Audio editing program, especially music.

Lucid Press
Page layouts for Mac or PC. An alternative to Adobe InDesign.

QR code generator. 

Majestic SEO
Find out how all the websites on the internet link to each other. Information about how the fabric of the web is knitted together--and what is connected to yours.

Finds relevant people for you to follow on Twitter. Allows you to sort your followers/following lists by how much the people following you tweet, whether they follow you back and if they have a profile picture. Select a group and unfollow with one click so you don't have to unfollow each account individually. Schedule tweets based on when most of your followers are online. Find out who has unfollowed you. Manage multiple Twitter accounts. Track keyword mention. Some features are free but to get the most out of it you need a subscription of $12 a month.

Many Eyes*
Multiple data visualization tool for bar charts, graphs, tag clouds, word trees, scatterplots, block historgrams, etc. You must register to upload data, but registration is free. The public will be able to see your data. Limited to sets of only 5MB.

Marked 2
Tools for writers including word counts, document stats, highlights repeated words.  Mac only.  $9.99.

Social media platform that lets you connect with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Ping.fm, Zen Desk, Bizo. Supports multiple users for free, can follow keywords, create and monitor campaigns, and supports RSS integration.

Publishing platform focused on presentation. 

Markup Wand
Photoshop to HTML/CSS converter. Strip down Photoshop files (.psd) and convert them to embeddable HTML or CSS code.

Media Fire
Free cloud storage service.

Created by Twitter co-founders to support good writing. Clean design and easy-to-use interface. For those who want to write but don’t want to maintain a blog or website. Intended to be a place where smart people plant their thoughts.  Share a draft of a post with friends who can make comments as marginal notes (rather than at the end of a post). Free, but Twitter account is required. No custom domains or customization.

Live-streaming app that makes broadcasting events easy. Can automatically send a tweet to followers. Alternative to Twitter's Periscope.

Video meetings. Embeddable.

Find a halfway point between two locations.

Meltwater Buzz
Social media tracking analysis by capturing social media mentions. Reports are not detailed so it's best when only skimming mentions is your goal. Video explanation here.

A database that crowd-sources selected studies from participating scholars around the world. Some studies are not open access, but the abstracts and titles are all there.

Tracks social media mentions of key words you selection.block URLs out of searches and other features. 14 day free trial. Then accounts starting at $29 a month.

This is a "video meets infographic." It is a cloud-based interactive-multimedia content creation and curation tool combining maps, timeline, links, and multimedia to tell stories “in context of where and when.” Hand for presenting news stories with a timeline base in creative ways. Doesn't require user skills in coding or multimedia production.

Extract Exif (Exchangeable Image File) data from photos. EXIF is a standard for additional data embedded within an image or audio files, which can include date, time, camera settings, etc.

Microsoft Academic Search
This evolving database has tools for seeing connections between researchers and their work. It provides a “profile” of many academics and charts how their findings have been cited. Free.

Microsoft Skydrive
Document storage. Access from anywhere. 7 GB free. 20 GB for $10 a year.

Post your audio here and then link to it from your blog or embed it into your blog.

Audio editing program, especially music. $75.

Mobile Mouse
Use Your SmartPhone to Give a Presentation. Phone app will control computer. Free version with limited features. MobileMouse Pro, $2.99 for iPad or Android or iOS $1.99. Demonstration video here.

Mobile Reporting Field Guide
Developed by UC Berkley Graduate School of Journalism, this free PDF or iBook promises to be everything a reporter needs to know when reporting from their iPhone. Search Mobile Reporting Guide in the app store.

Access several Cloud platforms at the same time, it's a visual overview of Dropbo, Evernote, and Google Drive.  Introduction video here. Basic version is free. For $5 a month for the premium model you get custom themes, analytics, the ability to make node connections and add comments to notes and files.

Processes photos sent in via email and upload forms, as well as submissions from social media sites and MMS, and handles any cropping or resizing issues before publishing them in visual galleries. Tracks who’s submitting photos and which get the most clicks. $99 per month.

More than 300,000 free stock images with a wide range of categories. The site asks that you credit the photographer.

Mozilla's Popcorn Maker
Enhance your videos and audio with content from the rest of the web including text, links and maps to pictures and live feeds

Audio editing program.

Audio editing program designed to normalise MP3 files so that they all have the same loudness in a more effective way than other programs.

MP3 Quailty Modifier
Audio editing program to adjust the quality of your MP3 files so you can save disk space.

Music Editor Free
Free audio editing program. You'll need a converter since it can only save WAV files.

With minimal effort, create a Twitter background, badges, add graphics, play with text. Log in with your Twitter account and it will automatically update your background.

Find out if your name or user name is available on a social network.

NASA images
Free use of images.

National Bureau of Economic Research
A nonprofit research organization that publishes top scholarship in the economics discipline. Free

Measure and manage your social media reputation. Similar to Klout, it gives you a score based on your social media influence.

New Old Stock
Free stock website with vintage photos under the Creative Commons or “The Commons” license from Flickr.

Visual-storytelling platform that can combine photos, graphics, animations and text into a slideshow. Considered part of explainer journalism, the company behind the site can be hired to create pieces. 

Task management system. Organizes according to the context in which they are done (online, at the office, at home, etc.) . Designed with teams in mind-which could be as simple as sharing a shopping list. Available for most devices. Works with Google Calender.  Monthly fee: $8 for a single user, $16 for a family, $40 for a team.

Create simple charts from your data using templates. Introductory video here.

Quick way to surface the stories that are being shared by your social networks. Sort based on time elapsed, etc. I simply collect all the links your friends (or friends of friends) share on Twitter and Facebook, puts them in an easy to read news stream. You can mine for stories you missed. Will send you notifications when too many people you follow share the same link.

Simple audio editor made for users who do not need all the options offered by Audacity free.

Hire an experienced proofreader based on an hourly rate (typically one hour for every 5000 words).

High-end images. $250 for a 3MB file or $500 for 40+ MB file and unlimted use. Owned by Shutterstock (a larger, mainstream stock photo company).

Design software.

Mac program that keeps lists and organizes outlines. Low learning curve to create rich, multi-column, collapsible outlines in many styles. Add embedded notes, images, links, etc. $40 to buy the standard version, $70 for the pro model. An educational discount of $25 and $50 is available here.

Templates for videos of slideshows. 

Microsoft provides 15 GB free backup to the cloud for storage. OneDrive includes a nice interface for scrolling through material (particularly photos).  Formally Skydrive.

Online Etymology Dictionary
Gives you the history and derivation of any word. Free.

Open Attribute
Plug in that makes it easier to use Creative Commons.

Open Book
Search Facebook public timeline outside Facebook.

Open Clip Art
Free and easy to use clip art.

Open CRS
The Congressional Research Service reviews available research on issues. Open CRS aggregates these government reports as they come into the public domain.

Open Web Analytics

Automated A/B testing to help startups tweak their offerings.

Developed at the Associated Press, Overview analyzes the complete text of every document, extracting keywords and sorting documents into categories and sub-categories.

Page layouts for Mac.

Page Stream
Page layouts for the non-professional to design flyers, newsletters, etc.

Microsoft-owned SalesForce competitor that provides social media insights and reports. Helps route customer comments to the appropriate departments.

Pattern Library
Free stock photos of patterns you can use in your own designs (useful for backgrounds too).

Live-streaming video app from Twitter. Stores video for 24 hours. Will tweet followers that you are living streaming. More robust than Meerkat.

Pew Research Center*
Survey and research organization that not only does polling on salient issues in the news but provides deep, analytical reports around the issues.

Feedback on how you are being perceived in your profile photos. Add a photo in one of three categories – Business, Social or Dating. Vote on photos of other people to get credits or purchase credits with real money. Each credit allows one person to vote on your photo.

Photo Everywhere
More than 3000 free stock photos under the Creative Commons Attribution focused on travel.

Photo Peach
Slideshows with audio and text. Sample.

Photo Pin
Millions of free stock photos culled from Flickr with the Creative Commons license.

Photo Synth
Virtual reality.

iPad writing ap. Like Hemingway, it includes syntax highlighting, statistical tools, readability scores, and root word breakdowns. 

Create animated GIFs. Free but a watermark is placed in the corner.

Free photo-editing alternative to Photoshop. No software download or learning curve. Some more advanced options for $4.99 a month.

Pic Fog
Real time photo searches.

Pic Jumbo
Free stock photos in many categories. Attribution is not required though suggested.

Interactive graphics. Video explanation.

Pin Board
Bookmark things you find in social media. One time $9.94 cost.


Creative Commons Public Domain photos so you do not need permission or have to pay any attribution when you use the photo.

Browser-based photo editing.

Communication and collaborative site.

App for Twitter users. Customizable options. Free for Android, $3 for iOS.

Social work platform for basic project management tasks — calendar, contacts, activity stream — that helps teams collaborate and communicate. Both free and paid versions.

Podcasting made easy.

Points Mentioned
Automatically generates maps for local news articles.

A political fact checking site run by the Tampa Bay Times.

Poll creator.

Poll Everywhere*
Instant audience feedback through texting.

Simple polling.

Improves SEO by tracking your keywords and how well they are performing on the search engine result pages. 14 day free trial. Starting at $19 month.

Publishing platform limited to Evernote (popular note-taking platform). Custom domains, but limited themes. Pulls your thoughts from Evernote into the blog.  Free for basic service, $4.99 a month for advanced options.

Blogging platform. Custom domains, writing-oriented, comfortable setup. Limited customization. $5 a month. 

Web post management tool for Facebook and Twitter.  You can indicate which type of content (photos, text, etc) you want shared at what times. Allows you to re-send content multiple times.  Includes a search tool to find more content related to your niche.  $7 a month.

Especially designed for highlighting the kinds of things a journalist would want to highlight in order to show what they've done. The links to past content are prominent. There’s also an area for listing skills and a detailed biography. Instead of just linking to your stories (which can be taken down) Pressfolios creates a backup version. Lacks social media integration. Free but $12 each month for a pro version. Samples: One: The Atlantic, GQ freelancer, Two: NY Times freelancer, Three: Rolling Stone contributor

Slide creator. Alternative to Power Point.

Print Mag
Design tips, education, resources from Print Magazine, a bimonthly magazine about visual culture and design.

Iphone app. For capturing, editing and sharing photos. Control over focus, exposure, white balance, and lighting. Includes slow shutter settings for great night shots. Compose shots or shoot HD and SD video. Tools can clutter the screen but worth the $5 price.

Public Domain Archive
All images are public domain, free to use. Includes a large collection of vintage image.

Public Library of Science 
The flagship journal of this open-access academic project, PLoS One, features original peer-reviewed research on science and medical topics; many studies have policy implications.

PubMed Central
From the US National Institutes of Health, this database has more than 2 million open access, full-text studies that relate to public health and policy issues. Free.

RSS feed. Subscribe to the posts of a site. Allows for interface with touch screens. Free.

Purdue Writing Lab
Writing and formatting help.

QR Stuff
QR code generator.

Page layouts for Mac or PC. An alternative to Adobe InDesign.

Use to record video from your webcam and Skype interviews.

Quik maps
Google maps for your website.

Crowdsourcing questions and answers.

RAND Corporation
Non-partisan think tank that produces a wealth of information on social science topics.

the Rasterbator
Make a printable poster out of an image.

Far more user friendly than Gephi, but not as pretty. Doesn't generate dynamic networks just static visualizations.

Find and create animated GIFs.

Readability Score
Cut and paste your text into a dialogue box to see the writing's grade level. Free, but for any contribution you get access to more advanced tools like readability alerts, PDF and Word doc processing and bulk uploads.

What’s trending on the Internet based on bitly, the URL shortening and bookmarking service.

Audio Editing program. $225 full commercial license. $60 for discounted license.

Platform for curating and aggregating social media content. It pulls from user's Twitter and Facebook feeds (among others) to create a page that showcases social content or organizes content around a single topic or user. Can be hosted by RebelMouse or integrated with a site built with WordPress. Here's a sample.

Record your incoming and outgoing phone conversations on any phone without needing equipment.  Works for interviews.

What’s new and what’s popular online. Submit your own links, or vote on others to drive what’s appearing on the front page.

Journaling app. Simple, quick to start. Easily search through old journals. Calendar navigation, customizable templates, export functionality. Free.

A Tumblr site of free stock mobile photos.

Helps verify the authenticity of digital images.

Reporters Committee First Aid
Mobile app Free guide gives reporters in the field immediate access to legal resources, particularly in situations where access or news gathering may be stymied. Search “reporters committee” in App Store.

Helps you manage your social media reputation. Checks your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa accounts then offers suggestions to improve your image. Looks for privacy and security risks as well as inappropriate content (drugs, adult content, and potentially offensive language). Free.

Blogging platform. Free if using Roon sub-domain, $12 a year for custom domains and Google Analytics (but the Roon logo remains on your blog). Easy-to-use iOS app, nice post editor, low learning curve.  Limited layouts.

Russell Sage Foundation
An organization that is tied into a large network of social science scholars across the US focusing   inequality, social mobility, race, class and related issues. 

Place to create and share visual data. Watch a video explanation here.

Sales Force Marketing Cloud
Social media insights and reports. Paid.


Cross-browser testing tool. Check out how your design looks on different browsers before going live.

Free service that provides daily insight to how our laws and regulations are shaped in Washington, DC and our state capitols. See a video here.

Screencasts can be shared on YouTube, embedded in websites, and accessed online.

Makes screencasts that can be share in social media and seen on computers as well as mobile devices. No downloads. Free.

Scribble Live
Live-streaming. Create, curate and publish content to provide real time coverage and storytelling. Fee.

Page layouts. Alternative to Adobe InDesign.

App that gives you a single place to dump all your ideas--especially for creating and managing complex writing projects, whether you're trying to write a novel, play, TV show, or magazine feature. Write in fragments and then shuffle scenes and chapters around in a bulletin board mode, and collect research notes, multimedia files, and character sketches.  Allows you to slowly "grow” books, scripts, and articles. Easily converting the document to an e-book, web page, a PDF for print, or a Word doc. Works with the Mac and Windows.  Free 30-use trial. $45 for the latest version-many writers swear it's worth it. Doesn't work on iPads though.

Scroll Kit
No coding knowledge needed to use this intuitive website development app that allows anyone to build online experiences.

Android apps to manage your social networks in one place, including Foursquare, Twitter, Salesforce Chatter, Google Reader, Google Buzz, Facebook, Linkedin, and Ping.fm. Don't need a browser window open to use the social media platform.

The portfolio network for student builders and doers

SEO writing tips.

Royalty free stock photos.

A free data publishing and visualization platform for making visualizations from spreadsheets to embed into stories as maps, charts, image galleries, etc. No coding skills required. Especially for journalists.  Sample. Tutorial.  

Blogging platform. Establish your own brand with a custom domain. Nice archive and bio pages. $29.99 a year special. 14 day free trial.

the Site Wizard
Cross-browser testing tool. Check out how your design looks on different browsers before going live.

SimpleWash  (formally FaceWash)
Designed to help you locate and remove potentially offensive comments and photos on Facebook and Twitter so you present yourself as more professional.

Writing app that checks grammar along with flow, structure, word frequency, and overused phrases.

Popular presentation tool owned by LinkedIn. Use documents, PDFs and video to creat webinars, audio presentations, for online lectures etc. Solid analytics for free. Watch a slide show about SlideShare here.

Record your PDFs as an audio-visual slidecast. Basic features are free, more options for purchase.  

Google's Snapseed is a powerful mobile photo tool. Both auto edit and editing controls. Both IOS and Android. Free.

Fact-checking site for internet rumors.

Social Flow*
Designed to makes sure your message goes out at the most optimum time by letting watch real-time conversations and expand audience engagement. Analyzes data to determine when money should be spent on Promoted Tweets, Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts. Used by some major publishers like The Washington Post and Mashable.  Starting at $99 a month.

Social Mention
Social media search and analysis. Sends you alerts based on your keywords in blogs, comments, videos, etc. which basically makes it a social media search engine. Free.

Social Science Research Network
Hundreds of thousands of important, current papers, many of which are available for free download as PDFs. Many of the articles are “working papers,” meaning they are in process toward a final, published form. Free. 

Helps businesses manage and monitor their Twitter accounts, discover key influencers, schedule Tweets at the best times, track engagement, and analyze competitors. Free Trial with pricing starting at $13.95. Video explanation.

App that schedules tweets (and other social media), auto-follow new followers, tracking keywords, and monitor social media activity (such as mentions and retweets).  Free version and pro version.

Society for News Design
Columns and tips on design, workshop schedule, membership database and more.

Society of Publication Designers

Allows you to identify influencers in a specific industry , interact with them and monitor your social media campaign.

A project of Northwestern University's Knight Lab, it lets users embed audio into posts. So, for instance if you write "..thick, one-note guitar riffs shuffle and stomp with a heavy beat" you can make it so that when someone clicks on "thick, one-note guitar riffs" they will hear a short example. Watch a video explanation here.

Post your audio here and then link to it from your blog or embed it into your blog. Limited space free, more for a fee.

Free. Audio editing program, especially music.

Convert text story into an MP3 audio file.

Sound Slides*
Creates audio slideshows. Sample.

App that schedules tweets (and other social media), auto-follow new followers, and monitor social media activity.  Free version and pro version.

A dashboard tool to bring many data streams together to tell a story using video, audio and text.

Real-time web traffic response tool. Lets you post a targeted response on your website.

A video editing app that works with music, photos, text or video clips. $3.99 in app store.

Measures data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr, such as reach and target audience success. Easy-to-digest graphs.

A popular social media management tool in which you can schedule social media posts, get snapshot metrics, and monitor messages. A single stream inbox with monitoring tools and robust analytics. Not free or as cheap as HootSuite, but can be customized in ways that HootSuite cannot be customized. Free trial, Packages from $39, $59 or $99 per month. 

Read, save, filter and annotate content from the web — Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube included. (Free and paid versions)

Square Space
Inexpensive way to build a website or blog. Templates for a ready made site.  From $8--$24 a month, includes hosting. WordPress has more flexible design and functionality (no plugins with Square Space), but not everyone will want so many extras. Square Space is for those who are more focused on content than code.

Strip Creator
Create your own comic strip.

Stock Free Images
Nearly a million images donated by the Dreamstime contributors to download for free with registration. Credit must accompany the photo. There are some other restriction options.

Stock Vault
More than 46,000 free stock photos. A variety of photographs and various licensing options.

Group photos together to tell a story with this IOS app. Add text. Free.

Social media aggregate. Publish elements - photos, tweets, videos together. Free. 

Story Planet
mix videos, photos texts and graphs with timelines, etc.

Find and verifies stories on social media platforms for clients. Owned by News Corps.

Browser-based video editing.

File backups accessible on all operating systems and platforms. 5 GB free. 60 GB for $10 a month. 

Hi-res free stock photos under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license (use the images, even commercial use as long as you give credit to Superfamous).

Survey Monkey*
Easy simple surveys. Inexpensive.

Writing platform. Minimalist interface. Encourages reader response.

Not an indepth as rivals Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Radian6) or Crimson Hexagon, but easy to use for quick monitoring a company's brand. No mobile app. Paid.

Tableau Public
Data visualization tools that are interactive. Maps, graphics, etc. Samples.

Tableau Software
Free Data Visualization Tool Create data visualizations with this free, downloadable tool.

A Pinterest scheduler with analytics and features like a draft mode. Free trial then $119 a year.

For call-in podcasts. Samples.

Talkwalker Alert
Like Google alerts, tracks keyword mentions on the web--such as your own name, your family, friends, company, etc. Get email notices when the phrase or name comes up on the Web. Free.

RSS feed as a visual interface. Subscribe to the posts of a site. Free.

TED Video: Data Journalism and Punk
Simon Rogers at the TEDx in Paris Aug. 2012 explains how data viz is being used in journalism

Creat hot-spot graphics. Make images interactive by adding music, a voice over, and text. Sample.
Time Glider
Create web-based timelines.

Time Lapse
Pay site; high quality time-lapse stock footage clips.

Time Line
Attractive timeline presentations.

Build visually-rich interactive timelines in 40 languages. It can pull in media from different sources such as Twitter, Flickr, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, SoundCloud, etc.

Timeslines and maps. Sample video here.

This reverse image search engine connects images to their creators. Helps in image verification.

Tiny URL*
Web address shortening service.

Allows users to record, store, listen and share MP3 audio files in social media. Can be used to record interviews as well.

Sophisticated option for the IT-types more than the general public. Templates for credit cards and bank accounts but PC only and no search field.  Basic: $20 standard version. $30 pro option with  multiple user option.

Search content published on Twitter and the web, and sort it by date or relevance. Use it to find influencers in a certain subject area.

Find and follow people who are influential in your industry. See how social media leaders are responding and contributing to your content. Target authorities to help your social media campaigns get off the ground and track the results. 

Audience insights in real-time which are compared against peers. Focused on big brands and enterprise marketers. Paid.

Social media monitoring tools and measurements.

Free script-writing alternative to Final Draft and Fade In. Enough features to get you started.

Organize all your travel plans into mobile itineraries.

Quick way to create a slideshow. Sponsored by TripAdvisor.

A fact-checking site for urban rumors.

Upload your video and TubeMogul will send it to many social media sites at one time-though you'll have to set up accounts with all the sites on your own.  Tracks viewership.

This social platform allows users to see posts from all of the blogs they follow in a single stream. Sort of Twitter, but with full text and more images. You can populate your stream with content by others simply by clicking the "like" and "reblog" buttons.

TV Tropes
Fiction writing help through examination of storytelling devices in creative works.

Cleans up your Tweeter feed--removing inactive followers in bulk and other Twitter management chores. From $7.49 a month.

Tweet Beep
Get email alerts whenever somebody tweets about something you're interested in--even keep track of who’s tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL. Free account available or paid account at $20 a month for more options.  Video explanation here.

Mac app with customizable options. View threads showing co-worker tweets only, for example or retweet from multiple accounts. $3. 

Tweet Chart
Allows you to generate a report of custom data for anything you can search Twitter for: hashtags, words, phrases, usernames or URLs. A reporter could determine which hastags were used most frequently in the past week, deciding to, for instance, report on a recent crime spree or a particular local event. Free.

Look at multiple Twitter feeds on your desktop. Powerful filters help you focus on what interests you. Schedule Tweets, set up notification alerts for new tweets. Option to have it ask for confirmation before a tweet goes out--giving you another chance to avoid sending something inappropriate or not well-crafted. Bought by Twitter in 2011.

Tweet Level
Allows specific searches for hashtags to determine trends by watching a topic's buzz level or to evaluate the user's social influence. You can also evaluate the buzz around a certain topic to determine if it’s a trend worth paying attention to.

Tweet Reach
Lets you see how far your tweets travel and determine the effectiveness of your social media campaign. How many people your messages reach, how many tweets it took to reach them, how many times your tweets have been shared by retweets.

A directory of Twitter users. Lets you search for people based on their name and the information they put into their bios. Find people with similar interests to follow. 

Audio editing program (Mac only). $80.

Trending photos and videos on Twitter. CLOSED SEPT 2014.

Twit Scoop
Realtime tag cloud of what is hot on Twitter right now. See what the leading subjects of conversation are on Twitter. Especially helpful whenever there is some big news event taking place.

A canned description of you is a mere click away!

Twitter Feed
TwitterFeed to automatically fetch the latest entries from an RSS feed of your blog or website and send them as tweets through your Twitter account.

Twitter Search
See what people are saying about your competitors by to:competitor replacing competitor with Twitter handle.

Writing app for Mac. Uses plain text or Markdown for writing, but also includes notes, exporting, organization and more. $44.99.

Discover blogs that are sharing content that your users are interested in or enter your competitor's website address and get detailed listings of their content and shares of that content.  Alternative to Buzzsumo.

Hi-res photos featuring many random shots. Use their photos however you want under the Public Domain Dedication license. Subscribe and get 10 new photos every 10 days.

User Testing
Pays people to try out new websites or smartphone apps and take video while they do so, showing our people use products (or misunderstand them). 

Desktop broadcasting of live video to the world from a computer or iPhone (or watch thousands of shows).  30 day free trial, then monthly plans from $99 to $999 for pros, top subscription $2k and up.

Video Scribe
Create animated videos, replicating the popular whiteboard-style tutorial.  7 day free trial. $16.50 a month.

Video sharing; better quality than YouTube.

A mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos.

Custom templates for graphics.

Visual Editors
A visual editor promotes visual journalism literacy in graphics, photo, video and design. 

Create infographics and data visualizations. 

Visualize Free
Upload a data set from a spreadsheet (or cut and paste) for charts, maps, diagrams, etc with a drag and drop designer. Registration needed for an account, but it is free). Lots of public-available data to work with (like data.gov). Uploads are private, so that other users cannot gain access to your data.

Create your infographic resume for free. Video introduction here.

Broadcast townhall-style meetings.

Great start-to-finish photo app. Easy to use filters. IOS. Free.

Multimedia collage tool. Photo slide shows, video, photos. Can’t post directly from Vuvox. Post elsewhere then embed in blog.

Record a video at the same time and place as another person records it. This app automatically synchs the videos into a single, multi-angle masterpiece. Free in app store. Sample.

W3Schools Online Web Tutoral
Learn HTML, CSS, etc.

Free audio editing program.

Free Audio editing program.

Free audio editing program.  Bit-perfect, minimizing the loss of quality by altering files only when absolutely necessary.

Simple website creation.

Collaborative online and mobile video editing.

What the Font
Figures out what font you are looking at.

Who's Talkin'?
Social media search tool. Alerts you to mentions. Helps you to search for particular conversations.

A collection of widgets.

Wikimedia Commons
Offers free stock photos under all different licenses as well as sounds and videos.  The link to the CC Creative Common license will tell you how you can use that image.

Free blogging platform. Student example here.

Wolfram Alpha
Computational knowledge engine. Enter a search string and have immediate display of various pieces of information regarding that string. The Pro subscription allows users to input their own data and quickly converted into dynamic and interactive charts. The price tag is $4.99 a month and limited to twenty uploads each month.

Word Counter*
Cut and paste your document (or just type) to see how many words, characters, and sentences you are using. As well as the average number of words in those sentences and the reading level. Free.

Word Frequency Counter
See how often you use (and overuse) words and phrases in your writing.

Word Lens
Free real-time translation app. Purchased by Google. iOS version.

Generate word clouds for free. Save to public gallery and then you can get the embed code. Samples.

WP-dot-com is free and easy to use. The dot-org version is not.  WP-dot-com includes hosting and a domain name (yourdomain.wordpress.com) but  your own domain name is only $15 more.  Basic customization available (themes, colors, layout and fonts).  Limited monetization and plugin options.

The most often used software for publishing on line.  Pick your own domain name, host whereever you like, and add plugins as you like. Steeper learning curve that WP-dot-com.

Digital note taking app. Excellent design, but lacks due dates, reminders of upcoming deadlines and calendar view. Free version limits you to 500 lists or "items" per month.  Pro accounts can be backed up to Dropbox. Individual pro accounts ($4.99 per month or $49 per year) and Team ($3.99 per month per user, or $39 per year per user, with a two user minimum) A short video introduction here.

An image slider with wide compatibility and easy embed.

Creates timelines.

Create animated movies.

Search tool for a phone number, email address, profession or location of any person.

YouTube Creator Hub
Resources to help create better video content and bigger audiences. An online community for serious YouTube creators.

Sending large files. Receipts and download tracking. 2 GB free. 5 GB for $10 a month.

Video and audio file converter.

Tools for connecting web services (such as Evernote and Dropbox). Works like IFTTT. Automated Twitter posts, archived Twitter posts, easy analysis.  Up to 100 tasks each month for free.  More of paid subscription starting at $15 per month.

Create interactive videos. Free.

Create interactive maps.

Personalized magazine for iPad. Sample.

Zxing Project
QR code generator.